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Back to School with Food Allergies

It’s that time of year again! Back to school for many parents is a relief, however those parents who have children that suffer from food allergies it is often a nightmare. However with a little extra preparation it doesn’t have to be so terrifying for you or your food-allergic child.

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  • Inform your child’s teacher of his or her allergy. Provide the teacher with a food allergy action plan. Answer any questions the teacher may have and purplegirlwithappleinform the teacher on when and how to administer injectable epinephrine.
  • Provide your child’s teacher with food allergy safe treats. When the other students have a treat your child can have a treat that is safe for him or her.
  • Inform the lunch staff of your child’s food allergy if you want him or her to eat the cafeteria food, otherwise pack a lunch.
  • Most schools have a specific form to fill out by your allergist stating they can have an injectable epinephrine at the school. Have the allergist fill out the form and give it to the school secretaries as soon as possible.
  • Talk to the school nurse and inform him or her of your child’s food allergy. Ask where the child’s injectable epinephrine can and will be stored.
  • Last, but not least, talk with your child. Explain the importance of avoiding the food he or she is allergic to. Inform him or her of what could potentially happen if he or she eats the offending food. Teach the importance of informing an adult as soon as they realize he or she ate the offending food.

All of these steps can help reduce the risk of anaphylaxis at school. It will help ease your child’s and your mind.

To learn more about keeping your food allergic child safe at school call 801-775-9800.


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