The Cough

When you hear an individual cough is your fist instinct to duck and cover so that you won’t get the illness the individual coughing has? Your assumption of the person being sick in some cases may be right, however there are many other reasons while an individual coughs. Allergies, asthma, acid reflux (GERD), vocal cord dysfunction, and habit are all reasons why an individual may cough.

  • Allergies may cause coughing when you inhale the pollens you are allergic to. Coughing is a protective mechanism your body utilizes to get rid of foreign bodies. In this instance the body is trying to get rid of the pollens which were inhaled.
  • Asthma is often associated with shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and wheezing, however a cough is often acough symptom of asthma as well. Coughing occurs in asthmatics due to lungs having mucus in them and the body is trying to cough the mucus up.
  • Acid Reflux often causes an individual to cough, especially at night when the individual is lying down. With acid reflux when an individual coughs it is to avoid the acid reflux going down the bronchi.
  • Vocal Cord Dysfunction causes a cough due to the vocal cords being partially closed during inhalation, which causes an individual to only breathe in a small amount of air.
  • Habit is another reason why individuals may cough. Just like everything else, if you do something a lot it will become a part of you, and coughing is not different.

The next time you hear someone cough it may be wise to keep your distance, however just keep in mind that it may not be an illness causing the cough.

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