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Primary Immunodeficiency

Primary ImmunodeficiencyPrimary Immunodeficiency (PIDD). Of course it is normal that individuals develop illnesses once in a while, so how do you know if you or a loved one should be seen for primary immunodeficiency? If you have two or more of the following warning signs of PIDD contact your local immunologist:

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  1. Two or more new ear infections in one year
  2. If an individual who does not have allergies develops two or more sinus infections in one year
  3. One diagnosis of pneumonia per year for at least one year
  4. Chronic diarrhea with weight loss
  5. Recurrent viral infections including, but not limited to colds, herpes, and warts
  6. Recurrent need for IV antibiotics to relieve illnesses
  7. Persistent thrush or fungal infections
  8. Recurrent, deep skin or organ abscesses
  9. Infection with normally harmless tuberculosis-like bacteria
  10. A family history of Primary Immunodeficiency
[/fancy_numbers] This disease causes individuals to be very limited in their daily activities due to the recurrent infections. Don’t suffer with PIDD. If you believe you or a loved one has PIDD contact your local immunologist and see how getting the right treatment by the right provider can change your life.

If you have questions concerning Primary Immunodeficiency please contact Rocky Mountain Allergy at 801-775-9800 and You can also visit Jeffrey Modell Centers Network at


10 warning signs of Primary Immunodeficiency provided by Jeffrey Modell Centers Network,

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