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Primary Immunodeficiency Treatment

shutterstock_118165540Primary Immunodeficiency (PIDD) is a hereditary disease that occurs when the immune system does not function to its full potential or is completely absent as discussed in previous blogs posted this month. The treatment for PIDD can be overwhelming for an individual who has been diagnosed by an immunologist via blood work. The blood work typically depicts Immunoglobulin (Ig) levels. An Ig level measures the proteins in the body which helps your immune system fight against infections.

With PIDD these Ig levels often need to be replaced, (most commonly the IgG levels). Ig is replaced by plasma which is either infused into the body via IV or injected subcutaneously, underneath the skin. Unfortunately, the only treatments available at this time are infusions that are done either intravenously or in the subcutaneous (fat) tissue. There are no Ig level replacements in the form of tablets or capsules.

The plasma used in the infusions is received from donors who have been carefully screened. The plasma collected is then put through rigorous testing to ensure the plasma is of high quality for medical use. Under the direction of the immunologist, the patient can then decide if they would like to receive treatment intravenously or subcutaneouly. Some patients, after being trained by a medical professional can administer medication to themselves at home. As stated the treatment for PIDD can be overwhelming, but it can be manageable with an immunologist supervising the treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the treatment of PIDD please contact Rocky Mountain Allergy. You can call us at 801-775-9800 or at

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