Vitamin D

Vitamin D

shutterstock_151595714When you hear somebody say “Vitamin D” what do you think? Strong bones? Sunlight? Milk? Did you know Vitamin D may help relieve your asthma symptoms? Yes, you read that right, Vitamin D may resolve some of your asthma symptoms.

When an individual has asthma they have constant inflammation in their lungs which causes the wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, coughing, and tightness of chest. Vitamin D plays an anti-inflammatory role in the immune system.  When taken in appropriate doses, it may assist in reducing some of the inflammation in the lungs. It also helps the body absorb many of the medications used to treat asthma—inhaled steroids.  When people are Vitamin D deficient, they can become resistant to corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory medications used in asthma).  So, they may require higher doses for a longer period of time.

Did you know that Vitamin D deficiency is becoming epidemic? Individuals can obtain Vitamin D from foods such as fish, milk, and cereal; however those foods only contain trace amounts of Vitamin D. We need more than trace amounts! One can naturally get Vitamin D from the sun, however with today’s culture and society adults and children are inside for most of the day. Luckily there are over-the-counter Vitamin D supplement you can take, however it is important to talk to you physician about getting your Vitamin D levels assessed via blood work before taking the supplement. Vitamin D can be toxic to the body if you intake too much, which is why your physician should monitor your Vitamin D levels closely.

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