Oral Immunotherapy for Food Allergy Treatment

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Oral Immunotherapy for Food Allergy Treatment

At Rocky Mountain Allergy our goal is to keep individuals with food allergies safe in whatever situation they may encounter. This is why we are one of the few clinics across the nation to provide a new, innovative food allergy treatment commonly known as Oral Immunotherapy (OIT). Once completed with this treatment individuals who suffer from food allergies can eat the foods they have been avoiding without an allergic reaction in about 6 months!

OIT consists of the individual coming into clinic about once weekly for about 6 months to receive precisely measured, diluted, incremental doses of the food he or she is allergic to. By the second or third month of treatment the individual will actually be eating the food that they have been avoiding. Once built up to the maintenance dose the individual will have to continue eating the food daily at a strict maintenance dose.

OIT is a very strict and rigorous program, which demands significant time and commitment. It must be taken seriously and protocols must be followed exactly. Strictly adhering to the instructions the provider gives keeps the food allergic individual safe. This is why we strongly advise individuals do not try this at home.

Please contact Rocky Mountain Allergy if you have any questions regarding food allergies and food allergy treatment. You can contact us at (801) 775-9800.

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