Asthma Inhalers 101

Asthma Inhalers 101

Asthma inhalers are pretty common in today’s society. You can see inhalers at work, school activities, sporting events, and the like. So, what’s the difference between the inhalers?

Controller Inhalers

Many individuals who suffer from asthma are prescribed an asthma inhaler to take daily and even sometimes twice daily. These inhalers are often referred to as controller inhalers. Controller inhalers can differ in the way the medication is administered by either a propelled spray, or requiring the patient to do the work buy a quick, deep breath in. They may also be different in the medications that are in them, some controller inhalers having one medication, while others have two. What type of controller inhaler is prescribed will be the discretion of your allergist and will depend on the situation. Allergists often use this type of inhaler for prophylaxis.

Rescue Inhalers

Quite a few athletes use rescue inhalers prior to, during, or after their sporting event. Rescue inhalers are to be used on an as needed basis. When asthma symptoms flare the rescue inhaler can and should be used and within about 5 minutes an individual can start seeing relief of asthma symptoms. Most rescue inhalers can be used every four hours as needed, however if an individual is using his or her rescue inhaler more than twice weekly, this includes multiple uses in one day, it is a good indication that his or her asthma is uncontrolled and should notify their doctor immediately.

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