Guarding Against Bites and Stings

//Guarding Against Bites and Stings

Guarding Against Bites and Stings

Venom Immunotherapy: The Venom Treatment

When it comes to venom allergies, many people just recommend avoidance and carrying an injectable epinephrine device with them such as Auvi-Q or EpiPen. In theory avoidance is a great way to deal with venom allergies. If you don’t get stung, you don’t have anaphylaxis. Easy fix, right?

Fire ants and flying insects such as wasps, hornets, and honey bees are unpredictable. We don’t know when a flying insect or a fire ant will be near, and frankly we don’t see all of them. So what if you do get stung? What if you are bitten?

The typical answer is to administer Auvi-Q or EpiPen and then seek medical attention immediately. What if we told you that this is no longer necessary? There is now a new and innovative treatment option that can significantly minimize the risk of going into anaphylaxis if you are stung or bitten. It’s called venom immunotherapy.

This treatment option is similar to environmental immunotherapy. It consists of injecting the person, at incremental doses, with the venom they are allergic to. Over time the body no longer sees the venom as foreign. Therefore when you are stung by the flying insect you are allergic to it minimizes the chance of going into anaphylaxis. Even with this treatment, it is still recommended that if you have venom allergies that you carry an injectable epinephrine device, such as Auvi-Q or EpiPen, on you at all times.

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