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Athletes and Asthma

As the 2014 World Cup continues, it is important to remember athletes who have asthma can play the sports they love without limitation.

In 2009 LA Galaxy played against Real Salt Lake for the MLS cup. During this game, famous soccer player, David Beckham had to use his rescue inhaler due to developing asthma symptoms while playing. The general public, up until this point did not know about Beckham having asthma. Needless to say asthma will not limit you, when it is treated correctly.

At high school sporting events seeing athletes use a rescue inhaler is a fairly common sight. Rescue inhalers do have their time and place, however if an individual is using their rescue inhaler, such as Proair, Proventil, and Ventolin, greater than twice weekly it is an indication that asthma may not be as controlled as it could be and it is time to consult an allergist. An allergist is the best-qualified doctor to help treat asthma.

The allergist may suggest starting a controller inhaler, if he or she feels the asthma is uncontrolled. A controller inhaler is simply an inhaled steroid that is utilized once or twice daily. The best way to think about a controller inhaler vs rescue inhaler is to think about being proactive as opposed to reactive. The asthmatic may not be having asthma symptoms when taking the controller inhaler (proactive), however when the rescue inhaler is utilized the individual will be experiencing asthma symptoms (reactive).

Athletes with asthma do not need to be held back while playing sports when their asthma is treated appropriately.

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