Dealing With Summertime Allergies

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Dealing With Summertime Allergies

The summer season has hit its peak, and so has many individuals allergies. Stores are packed with a variety of antihistamines, such as Fexofenadine, Cetirizine, and Loratadine and people ready to buy them. Antihistamines can help reduce allergy symptoms, however for many individuals antihistamines only reduce symptoms minimally. Provided are a list of ideas that can improve quality of life, outside of just taking antihistamines regularly:

Keep windows shut during peak pollinating hours. Peak pollinating hours are in the early morning and early evening hours. Doing this can help minimize pollen in the home.
If you have a lawn, keep the grass short. Ideally a person who suffers with allergies shouldn’t mow the lawn, however that is not always an option. So if you are, when mowing the lawn and picking weeds wear gloves, pants, long sleeve shirts, and even a mask. When you go inside immediately take a shower and wash all clothing that was worn while gardening.
If you want to sit outside on the lawn, put a blanket down first and sit on the blanket.
If you have animals living inside the home, try to wash them frequently, even if you are not allergic to the animal. When the animal goes outside and plays by the trees and in the grass and weeds the pollen will cling onto them.

If avoiding pollens as much as possible and taking antihistamines provides you with little or no relief of symptoms you may consider seeing an allergist. An allergist can will help design a plan of care just for you to help relieve allergy symptoms.
If you have any questions or concerns about your Summer allergies contact Rocky Mountain Allergy today. You can go to their website at or call us at 801-775-9800.

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