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Food Allergy Tips for Back to School

The smell of freshly opened books, brand new crayons, and pencils being sharpened means only one thing… school is almost back in session! For the food allergic child and their parents going back to school takes a bit more preparation than the average student. Below are some ideas that you may consider when getting your food allergic child geared up to go back to school. 

Talk to your child’s teacher about your child’s food allergies. Come up with a plan on how to keep your child safe. For example have the classroom be a peanut free classroom or always provide your child’s own treats for classroom parties. Answer any questions the teacher may have and instruct the teacher on how to administer injectable epinephrine. Make sure that you are communicating with the teacher regarding food allergies throughout the year.   

Inform the lunch staff of your child’s food allergy if you want him or her to eat the cafeteria food, otherwise pack a lunch. 

Most school districts have a specific form to fill out by your allergist stating they can have an injectable epinephrine at the school and that school personnel can administer it. Have the form filled out and give it to the school secretaries or school nurse prior to school starting. 

Talk to the school nurse and inform him or her of your child’s food allergy. Ask where the child’s injectable epinephrine can and will be stored. Ask the school nurse questions about the policies at the school on who can administer epinephrine and who will contact you if the student does go into anaphylaxis or is accidentally exposed. 

Last, but not least, talk with your child. Explain the importance of avoiding the food he or she is allergic to. Inform him or her of what could potentially happen if he or she eats the offending food. Teach the importance of informing an adult as soon as they realize he or she ate the offending food. It is always important to review this at the beginning of the school year, as well as giving them reminders throughout the year. 

The school bell is about to ring, are you ready for it? 

If you have any questions or concerns about getting ready for school with a food allergic child, or about food allergy testing, contact Rocky Mountain Allergy today. Call us today at 801-775-9800. 

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