The Broad Health Implications of Vitamin D

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The Broad Health Implications of Vitamin D

Most of us have heard about vitamin D as it relates to bone health. However, there is increasing evidence that vitamin D can effect your health in other ways as well. There is evidence to suggest that a low or deficient Vitamin D deficiency lead to an increased frequency of eczema, hives (or urticarial), allergies, and asthma problems. It may make it more difficult for your body to utilize certain medications used to treat these conditions as well.

Vitamin D and AllergiesAre you drinking Vitamin D milk and eating Vitamin D rich foods? What most people don’t realize is these foods do not contain enough Vitamin D to meet the body’s needs. Take into consideration that society as a whole has changed from past generations. People generally are not outside as often as they once were. When they do plan to be outside for an extended period of time, they typically apply sunscreen, or wear protective clothing. While these are good for minimizing other risks, it lowers the amount of Vitamin D your body makes from sunlight.

So how are Vitamin D levels checked? Vitamin D can be checked through a simple lab test. If your physician feels it necessary, you may be started on a supplement. However, this should be done under the direction of a physician to ensure appropriate supplementation. Vitamin D levels can be too high or toxic, so it is important to monitor through testing.

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