How Can an Allergist Help?

//How Can an Allergist Help?
How Can an Allergist Help? 2015-01-15T10:20:52+00:00

Why an Allergist?

Written by Douglas Jones, MD

Many parents and individuals wonder where to get the best medical treatment for allergies. After all, allergies can become a negative part of every day if left untreated, or if treated poorly.

Primary care physicians and asthma and allergy specialists make up the different options when it comes to medical professionals who can help. In recent years, it has been found that an asthma and allergy specialist generally provides better outcomes at a lower cost.

Early Diagnosis

Getting an early and accurate diagnosis is one of the most important parts of successfully battling allergies and asthma. A Utah family physician might be the one to give this diagnosis, or it might be a Utah allergy specialist.

Effective treatment of allergies and asthma often depends on early recognition. Waiting longer for diagnosis and treatment may mean unnecessary damage to lungs that can’t be undone. The difficulty is that symptoms can vary so widely. The doctor needs to quickly and accurately determine the severity of your particular problem.

Continual Monitoring

Effective asthma and allergy treatment doesn’t consist of a one-time visit to a medical center. Your condition needs to be monitored so your treatment goals can be met in a safe and timely manner.  The doctor should consistently review your asthma symptoms, your activities and your medications. There are also tools for you to monitor your condition at home. Keeping a close eye on lung function and other aspects of your condition are important for knowing whether or not modifications should take place to allergy and asthma treatment.

Additional Benefits

Correct management of asthma and allergies means fewer trips to the hospital and to the emergency room, and fewer missed days from work and school. That means you save money and your life is better.

Patients Who See an Allergist:

  • Have fewer hospitalizations from asthma, and shorter lengths of stay
  • Have shorter hospital stays and see reduction in costs
  • Have fewer return visits to the hospital
  • Experience fewer trips to the emergency room
  • Have fewer sick care office visits
  • Have less lost time from work or school
  • There is improved patient outcome and patients feel better and are healthier

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