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What Pregnant Women Should Know About Asthma

Proper control and treatment of your asthma and allergies is very important during pregnancy.  Regular visits with your doctor to evaluate and monitor your symptoms and medication will set the stage for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Does Pregnancy Affect the Severity of My Asthma?

This is definitely a possibility, especially if you already have a severe asthma condition. During pregnancy, the body undergoes many hormonal changes that can affect your nose, sinuses and lungs, causing congestion and shortness of breath. These changes can make asthma worse. A doctor’s guidance is important for determining if there is some kind of allergy behind the problem, and for getting you on an effective treatment plan.

Can I Use Asthma and Allergy Medications While I am Pregnant and Nursing?

Modern allergy and asthma medicine has provided numerous safe and effective treatments. But with pregnancy, extra precaution is needed, so treatment plans should be formulated with a medical professional or asthma specialist. Both the pregnant mother and the baby must be considered. Medications safe during pregnancy are also safe during nursing.

What About Allergy Shots When I am Pregnant?

We don’t recommend that allergy shots be initiated during pregnancy. If shots are needed, it is generally best to wait until the baby is delivered. However, if you are currently receiving shots for asthma and allergies, they can be safely continued during pregnancy.

Utah Women and Asthma

Data from shows that women suffer from asthma at a higher percentage than men. For those ages 18-34, for example, about 11 percent of women have asthma, and about 8 percent of men. For women ages 50-64, the numbers are even higher.

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