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By | 2016-07-20T13:55:06+00:00 July 20th, 2016|Allergies, Swelling|

Most people will develop pain, irritation, and erythema at the site of a sting or bite from a venomous insect such as a bee, wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket. However if you have an allergy to stinging insects this can develop into a more serious reaction, known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis can cause symptoms of difficulty [...]

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National Asthma Month

By | 2016-05-10T11:27:58+00:00 May 10th, 2016|Asthma|

May is National Asthma Month and each year thousands of people are hospitalized or seek emergency medical attention due to asthma. Some of the most common symptoms of asthma are difficulty breathing, chest tightness, coughing, or wheezing. However, some people may only develop a chronic cough and many cases of asthma go undiagnosed or untreated. [...]

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By | 2017-05-31T15:14:00+00:00 April 1st, 2016|Skin Allergies|

Urticaria (aka hives) is a rash that is red, raised with welts that develop on the superficial surface of the skin. They are most commonly itchy, but can also be painful or burn. Common causes for urticaria are thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, low vitamin D, exposure to heat or cold, insect stings or bites, or [...]

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The Broad Health Implications of Vitamin D

By | 2017-05-31T15:14:00+00:00 February 17th, 2016|Allergies, Asthma, Skin Allergies|

Most of us have heard about vitamin D as it relates to bone health. However, there is increasing evidence that vitamin D can effect your health in other ways as well. There is evidence to suggest that a low or deficient Vitamin D deficiency lead to an increased frequency of eczema, hives (or urticarial), allergies, [...]

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Traveling with Asthma

By | 2017-05-31T15:14:00+00:00 December 16th, 2015|Asthma|

Winter is almost here and with it comes colder weather, holidays, and traveling. Traveling can be stressful in and of itself, but if you or your child has asthma it can be even more so. Here are some tips to help keep your asthma controlled and you enjoying your holidays. Make sure to take your [...]

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Cross Contact

By | 2017-05-31T15:14:00+00:00 December 2nd, 2015|Allergy Solutions, Food Allergies|

Many people are under the assumption that as long as a food allergic person does not actually eat the food they are allergic to, they are not at risk of anaphylaxis. However this is not always the case. Food allergic patients can also be at risk for reactions if they come into contact with the [...]

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By | 2014-12-16T17:23:19+00:00 October 20th, 2014|Immunodeficiency, Recurrent Infections|

What is immunodeficiency? One of the main functions of the immune system is to protect and defend the body. Immune deficiencies are a set of disorders where certain portions of the immune system are low or are not working properly. An analogy is to think of the immune system like a basketball team. Are all [...]

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Illnesses in Asthmatics

By | 2014-12-16T17:25:47+00:00 September 19th, 2014|Asthma, Asthma and Children|

Catching a cold is one of the worst ways to start out the Fall season for any individual, however it can definitely take a toll on an asthmatic. Often when asthmatics develop the common cold it goes straight to their chest and they develop a lingering cough. It’s not always easy to avoid getting an [...]

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Going Back to School With Asthma

By | 2017-05-31T15:14:00+00:00 August 18th, 2014|Asthma and Children|

Ready or not here it comes! Back to school time is already upon us. The hustle and bustle of all the clothing stores and the school supply aisles are packed with eager and excited students and parents. For parents who have children with asthma it may not be as exciting. It can be very overwhelming. [...]

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Food Allergy Tips for Back to School

By | 2017-05-31T15:14:00+00:00 August 4th, 2014|Allergies, Food Allergies|

The smell of freshly opened books, brand new crayons, and pencils being sharpened means only one thing… school is almost back in session! For the food allergic child and their parents going back to school takes a bit more preparation than the average student. Below are some ideas that you may consider when getting your [...]

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