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Treatment for Food Allergies

We are excited to announce that we are now in our 4th year of our innovative food allergy treatment program!  We are one of few practices in the country that offers a breakthrough treatment program for people with food allergies.  This treatment provides a long-term solution for milk, egg, peanut, soy, tree nut, corn, and wheat allergic patients.  It usually takes around six months, and at the end of the program, most patients are able to consume the foods that once threatened their health with no allergic reaction.  Treatment is individualized.

If you are interested please call our office at 801-773-4865. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

The first day procedure will take about 4 hours. If there are no reactions during the oral immunotherapy, your child will be eating a full serving of the allergenic food about 6 months.  This time may vary as patients are different and have different needs.

Exactly how it will go depends on each individual child. If everything goes well, some amount of the whole food will be ingested during the second-third month and a whole serving of the allergenic food may be ingested by the fourth month.

Doses are generally increased weekly, but there are also some individualized changes that may occur.

Dosages should be given daily in the mornings, usually 22-26 hours apart.  Some patients require different schedules based off of their needs, though.

Patients should not dose at home on the day of the office visit for a dose increase.  Dosing will be done in clinic that day.

Follow the home emergency reaction plan provided in clinic.

This will be discussed in clinic to make proper flight and dosing arrangements.

Egg white powder should be used for all dose increases and maintenance dosing. When the child is on the maintenance dose of 1 tablespoon of egg white powder per day, then other forms of egg may be added to the diet. Whole egg should never be used in place of egg white powder for the daily egg dose.
When the oral immunotherapy is complete, if everything goes well, maintenance doses may be given with either 2% or whole milk and any brand of cow’s milk may be used.
There are no preservatives in the food solution. It MUST be kept cold.
If the sample sits out for more than 30 minutes or if it appears to have spoiled, the solution must be replaced. Please call the office. If replacement is made during regular office hours, there is no charge. If replacement must be made at night or on a weekend or holiday there will be a charge of $100. This fee cannot be charged to your insurance.
We are NOT able to ship any solution or capsules. Preparations and every effort will need to be made to prevent this situation. Call the office as soon as you know there is a problem.

The clinic will provide you with dosing instructions based off of your child’s circumstance.

Taste is personal; experiment. Try drink powder (Kool-Aide, Crystal Light), chocolate or another beverage. Small volumes could be mixed with a semi-solid food such as apple sauce or mashed potato but it is important that the entire dose of oral immunotherapy mixture be taken. If the total amount gets too large, it will be hard to get it all down.
No. Egg Beaters are NOT permitted because they are not complete eggs.
When can foods containing the allergenic food be introduced into the regular diet?”]Foods containing the allergenic food may be introduced into the diet at the end of the oral immunotherapy escalation process.
The number one goal is safety; to allow the patient to ingest the allergenic food and foods that contain the allergenic food without thinking about it.
Exercise should be avoided for at least 30 min prior to dosing and two hours after dosing. Doses should not be given immediately following exercise. Exercise around the time of dosing increases the chance of a reaction. Exercise restriction applies to both escalation and maintenance dosing throughout escalation process and after graduation.
You may do a food challenge for a different food 1 week after completing oral immunotherapy.
Each Food OIT Program is food specific. Completing one program does not treat other food allergies. Ask your provider for more specific information for treating multiple food allergies.
Your child may begin a second oral immunotherapy program after he/she has been stable on a maintenance dose for one month.
The procedure is separate from office visits. The day one procedure is billed as desensitization. Subsequent doses are billed as an office visit. The actual reimbursement varies by insurance plan.

Why Food Allergy Treatment Is Important

Allergic reactions to food are not just a source of discomfort and hassle; they can be life-threatening. This is the biggest reason to seek a cure.

In addition, those with food allergies must be constantly vigilant about what they eat, discovering hidden ingredients and certain foods. Food allergies can lead to severe swelling, hives, itching, nausea, vomiting and digestion issues. A solution to this problem can mean an entirely improved life. Learn more about curing food allergies here.

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