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From Our Patients…

Jacob W.

Salt Lake City
I have visited with numerous allergy doctors in the past due to my severe seasonal allergies. Time after time I would find temporary relief of the symptoms but it inevitably would be short lived. I met with Dr. Jones and his staff when my allergies were so bad it was affecting me in my work. After a very thorough consultation Dr. Jones seemed to know exactly what I needed and promptly went into action devising a plan for my treatment and care. Through the process of my treatment I have experienced a huge improvement from the symptoms of my previous allergies, all due to the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Jones and his staff. I have come to know Dr. Jones and his staff extremely well through this process and I consider this group of professionals some of the best in the industry. It is always a pleasure to visit his office and I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Jones and his entire staff to anyone in need of their expertise.”

Brady H.

Salt Lake City
I have suffered from allergies my whole life. Having severe allergies to household pets made my everyday interactions with friends and family difficult. My time with friends and loved ones was often cut short as the sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and asthma would settle in. I learned how to live with the symptoms out of necessity and figured that it would be a part of my everyday life.

I had considered visiting an allergy specialist a few times, but just never got around to it. However, after having a particularly bad reaction, I decided to visit Dr. Jones at Rocky Mountain Allergy. Since that visit, my life has been completely changed for the better. Dr. Jones and his staff have been exceptional at helping me understand what happens in my body when I have an allergic reaction. They have worked with me to develop a custom plan to treat my allergies and improve my quality of life. They have also helped me learn that by not addressing my allergy induced asthma, my lung capacity was deteriorating.

I am happy to say that after being a patient for a little more than a year, I am able to breathe better than I can ever remember. I have also seen a significant decline in the severity of my allergic reactions as time has passed.

I have learned that my life does not have to be dictated by my allergies. My quality of life has increased dramatically and I thank Dr. Jones and his staff for making it possible. I recommend Rocky Mountain Allergy to anyone that is suffering from allergies; they can help you obtain a quality of life that you would not have otherwise.”

Chad C.

Salt Lake City
When I first went to see Dr. Jones I was not excited at all. I have been to Allergy/Asthma doctors before, and it is always the same answer, ‘Your asthma is way too bad for me to even want to take on your case.’ But I went anyway, and the experience was far better than I could have even imagined. The allergy/asthma test was fast—really fast. I was done and had the results within a few minutes. After the results, I was taken to his office and I thought here we go to the asthma speech. He did come in and say ‘you do have the worst case of asthma I have seen, but I can make you better.’

“I have been going to Dr. Jones for about 2 years. He made a plan for me, and put me on the latest medications to help my asthma symptoms. He called me on many occasions including weekends to make sure my asthma was not giving me any trouble. When I was hospitalized with the H1N1 virus, he came and visited me personally to check on me and my family. He has saved my life in more ways than one. I know I have the best doctor around, and I also know I have a good friend who cares deeply for me and my family. I am truly indebted to Dr Jones and his wonderful staff. With all that I have, Dr. Jones, Thank you, Thank you…”

Rebecca B.

Salt Lake City
I thought I had my allergies ‘under control’ until I became a patient of Dr. Douglas Jones. I have a set of fraternal twins that have struggled with asthma and allergies since they were babies. I had spent a lot of time in a doctor’s office trying to keep their asthma under control. As they grew older, their asthma worsened and that is when my pediatrician referred me to Dr. Jones. I realized that not only had their allergies and asthma been out of control for years, but mine had been out of control as well.

“Dr. Jones spent a lot of time taking a medical history and listening. After one year with Dr. Jones taking care of all 3 of us, we are all doing amazing. This is the first winter that my children have been able to reap the benefits of having their allergies and asthma under control. It is truly amazing to have a specialist taking care of your allergies and what a difference Dr. Jones has made! We are all currently receiving allergy shots and it has made a huge difference in my allergy symptoms.

“I have loved the care Dr. Jones has taken for my family. He has made a personal phone call to see how we are doing. I have referred everyone I know who deals with asthma and allergies to Dr. Jones. It has been a great change for all of us. We love not itching, sneezing and wheezing our way through the 4 seasons. I have the highest regard for Dr. Jones and his amazing staff. I look forward to my next phase of life symptom free of allergies and especially for my children growing up with their asthma under control.”

Susan J.

Salt Lake City
I have struggled with respiratory problems for over 10 years. I have seen many doctors during that time period who either told me I had asthma or there was no reason why I should be having problems breathing. I was put on many different medications and spent over a year on steroids. When I was referred to Dr. Jones at Rocky Mountain Allergy I was a bit skeptical. I figured I would go, get poked, prodded and then be told nothing was wrong. I mean what could this doctor do for me that the best pulmonologist couldn’t? Contrary to my skepticism, Dr. Jones and his staff were wonderful. He took the time needed to review my history and perform initial tests in his office. On subsequent visits he listened to me and worked with me as a team. Dr. Jones determined that I had two problems going on—asthma and vocal cord dysfunction—and in the past only the asthma was being treated. With his help I received treatment for VCD and was able to get it under control. Once the VCD was controlled, we have been able to decrease the number of medications I was on and increase the quality of life I experience. Dr. Jones and his staff are miracle workers!!! They have helped improve my life in many ways. Thank you Dr. Jones.”

Kristen C.

Salt Lake City
I tell everyone I know that is suffering from allergies that they have to see Dr. Jones! He has been a life-saver for our family. After spending six frustrating years with other allergists and having no relief of our symptoms, we are so relieved to finally have our allergies in control! Dr. Jones has been very pro-active in controlling my children’s asthma. For the first time, they can run at recess and participate in swim lessons without their asthma impeding them.

Kate T.

4 years ago you diagnosed Maggie with a dairy allergy. A month after the diagnosis she started eating, gaining weight, and just generally became happier. Today you gave her a dairy food challenge and she passed! While I am thrilled to not have to carry an epipen everywhere I am a bit sad to be done with your office. Each visit you have all been so kind to us. Maggie has always enjoyed coming to see you even on the visits that did not include eating gold fish crackers or Aggie’s Blue Mint Ice Cream.

We are thankful our Doctor (Dr. Schneider, Budge clinic in Logan) recommended you and that we got to spend the last 4 years working on Maggie’s dairy allergy with you.

p.s. here is a picture of Maggie saying ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’ to Dr. Jones.”

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