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Road to No Food allergy Reaction


What does improved ‘quality of life’ mean? Parents report that after oral peanut desensitization their children are less anxious about food and going to new places, less concerned that they will have a reaction, have less physical and emotional distress, are less concerned about eating in restaurants, and feel safer when going to vacation destinations. The children are also less concerned about being left out of activities involving food and have less frustration from social restrictions.

Patient Quotes

“If I didn’t have you as my doctor, I would not be able to eat peanuts. I am not scared anymore”.
-Kaylie (Read more)

“You have changed my life completely. You have given me hope….”
-Abby (Read more)

Food Allergy Program Graduates

Food Allergies treated: Almond, Brazil nut, cashew/pistachio, corn, egg, hazelnut, macadamia nut, peanut, pecan, soy, walnut, wheat


2013: 5

2014: 28

2015: 147

2016: 130

2017 to date:

Graduated: 104

Enrolled: 84

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